Well when I first saw it on CNN I thought its just another service add....when I just dialed the 1-800-500-0000 I was surprised by the overwhelming response...I use it daily for ordering a pizza, booking a table, movie, museum, resort, pub, wine shop, food... it is crazy... its a blessing in the USA... All the Best!   
joy varghese 27th Jun,2011
Atlanta , GA

  Great site   
Max 24th Jan,2015
New York, NY

  Yourrrrrr GREAT!!! Thank you   
Roberto ritcher 19th Dec,2014
Brooklyn, NY

  I have been a huge fan of your corporation for quite some time now. It is amazing.   
Louise 9th Oct,2014
Honolulu, HI

  Wow !!! This app is excellent   
Ava 13th Jun,2014

  I just found out about your site . What a great service for small businesses   
Kone 13th Jun,2014
Philadelphia, PA

  I think that your web site is excellent! It works well for me. Keep it up. Thanks, Steve   
Steve 22nd Apr,2014
Kansas City, MO

  AWESOME ! Couldn't find what I was looking for nowhere else, the best app I've ever seen.   
Ann Sims 11th Apr,2014
New Orleans, LA

  Glad to be listed on this great app! I'm getting more calls than ever.   
Algonquin Chiropractic Center 8th Apr,2014
Algonquin, IL

  Love it ... Love it ... Love it ...   
Brenda Scott 20th Mar,2014
Louisville, KY

  Informative Site   
Janice 25th Feb,2014

  I just found this app and i love it already.   
Joseph 4th Feb,2014
Milpitas, CA

  Very good app   
Patricia Henderson 10th Sep,2013

  This is an awesome app.   
Pema Tamang 12th Aug,2013

  You are more than we expected. Completely Utilizing the benefit of technology to the convenience for the people. Its an amazing app   
Sheldon 11th Aug,2013

  Very helpful and easy to use   
Brenda G 22nd Jul,2013
Avondale, LA

  Great help, I love it, it makes life a little easier   
Michele 7th Jul,2013

  Just dial is a life and time saver    
Sally R. Walker 22nd Jun,2013
Goldsboro, NC

  Justdial has helped me by finding numbers for me , Dialing them for me, & also by sending me the phones in a text. All for free. You will love this app as much as I do   
Georgia Howle 19th Jun,2013

  Love Just Dial! It's awesome. How awesome is it? I named JustDial (NSA) on my phone! Best thing is its FREE. AWESOME AND FREE IS UNBEATABLE!   
David Callison 17th Jun,2013

  Great to have you !!!   
Gary Johnson 20th May,2013

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